Life Lines Legacy was created by professional writer, Effie-Alean Gross.  Workshops are available for churches, organization, and anyone wishing to write a life story…one memory at a time. 

Designed for nonprofessional writers and adapted for the purpose of getting those stories out of one’s head and onto paper. The compiling of various memories from Childhood through Adulthood couldn’t be easier with a little guidance and a lot of expertise from founder, Effie-Alean Gross.

Living in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona, Gross is available throughout the Valley for either a one-time introductory workshop or a four-week course.   Class size requirement:  Minimum 10, Maximum 25 ( unless a retreat or seminar with approval).   Call or write for time availability and fee schedule.   

Contact Info:  Life Lines Legacy; PO Box 20634; Fountain Hills, AZ  85269.  Phone:  (480) 540-1906.  E-mail:  effiegross@msn.com

EFFIE-ALEAN GROSS holds a BA in English and Education and an MA in English from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.   She has been published since 1976, with several articles accessible via Google:  Effie-Alean Gross.   A writing teacher at the community college level, Gross has also conducted numerous writing workshops in the Midwest for Gifted and Talented students.  Writing and teaching are two life-long passions for Gross.  Her third passion is travel to Israel, Ireland, Scotland, France, Russia, Estonia and Sweden. 

Life Lines Legacy promises to help individuals write a unique story–a treasured heirloom book of memories to be enjoyed by future generations.  What a gift–What a legacy!

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